Impact Moling or ‘Earth Piercing ‘ as it is commonly known is defined as the creation of bore by the use of a tool which comprises of a percussive hammer within a suitable cylindrical casing, generally torpedo shaped. The hammer may be hydraulic or pneumatically operated. The term is usually associated with non-steered or limited steering devices without rigid attachment to the launch pit, relying for forward movement upon the internal hammer action to overcome the frictional resistance of the ground.

During the operation the soil is displaced and not removed. An unsupported bore is formed in suitable soil conditions while in unstable soil condition a pipe or cable may be pulled along with the mole, during the formation of the bore itself.

The mole can travel with a speed of about one linear meter per minute in certain soil conditions. The machine is though faster and economical but there exists very less control on line and grade through this technique.

The technique is generally used for installation of ducts and cables where line and grades of installation are not of much importance. Due its small size and faster movements the mole is one of the most preferred way of installation in congested city condition Globally.

Type of Installations:
Type : Steel, G.I, HDPE pipes, Power cables, Telecom cables.
Diameter Range: 1 inch to 7 inch.
Length: Upto 60 meters.