Pipe ramming works on the principle of percussive hammer, which hammers the pipe into the ground.

The Process:
The pipe to be rammed is placed on a launching platform in the required line and grade. On the front end of the pipe is mounted a cutting shoe which slices through the soil when the ramming is carried out. The back end of the pipe is mounted with the collet, which helps in imparting equal force distribution to the pipe.

The mole, which is used as the hammer, is aligned with the collet mounted at the back of the lead pipe. The force generated by the mole is directly transferred to the pipe, which in turn is rammed, into the ground.

The cutting or spoils are engulfed inside the pipe, which is later cleaned up with high pneumatic pressure or water jetting.

Pipe ramming is known to be one of the fastest and economical methods of pipe installation under almost all soil conditions except hard rock.

Type of Installations:
Type: Steel Pipe.
Diameter range: 2 inch to 60 inch.
Length range: 10 meters to 40 meters.